Well.. Garages are full of different kinds of vehicles ranging from sedan to bus and all kinds of internal combustion and of course an ev. Some are used accasionally and other more or less frequent. The problem with those especially in cold winter conditions is that the battery is usually empty when it should have a charge in it.

What i did to help myselft was to buy an automatic charger for all different batteries to keep those in decent shape. The charger is a fully automatic CTEK XS 7000 capable of charging 12 volt batteris from 14Ah to 225Ah. All different types of lead batteries are supported and the charger can remain connected for moths.

The problem with ev is that i have 13 six volt batteries so i can charge 6 pairs with the charger and for the last one i need to figure out another way to charge. But well.. I didn’t buy the charger for ev.