In need of new batteries

Last week I was commuting my usual 10 mile task when only two miles before destination I suffered from unexpected and sudden loss of power. I knew I would need some new batteries some time and before I can get those I need to continue with older ones.

This sudden loss of power then as far as I know was the result of one of the 13 batteries to eventually say no while I was trying to get some more juice out of it. I know there are something like 3-4 batteries in my pack needing replacement. Those are easily spotted by hand from the excessive heat generation and then confirmed using voltmeter.

Well, back to my last trip. After some thinking and looking around I spotted one of the batteries to be extremely hot. I was able to let it rest for a moment and then I plugged my ev to get some charge in it. I was still on the road and needed to get my ev somewhere off the road. Actually it was parked at my friend’s but still. I let it be plugged in for an hour and then started slowly to drive the last two miles back home. Half way it was ok but when the voltage of the pack and that one battery dropped it started to release gas from regulator valve (or what ever it is on the top of the battery). The smell was not the sulphur smell I have experieced before but something else.

I do have some replacement batteries but I would need to get some charge in those and test if they are even working any better..