Snow or no snow

During the last week almost all the snow here at town faded away. And that wasn’t even too bad of a thing while it was possible to see a glance of what is expected after the winter is over.

On Friday it started to snow and all the gree grass was the soon covered by nice 20 cm of snow and everything was white again. The timing just wasn’t perfect because last weekend was supposed to be a nice swonless o-training weekend. While the looks was more like ski trip weekend. I think the o-trainings went quite well and there wasn’t too much snow at Fosen.

I also planned a nice ski trip – a real trip – for Sunday but the trainings from previous days and the clouds between myself and the sun turned it to be only a well prepared and equipped training on skis.

And now the weather is just prima. Nice sunny day with a lot white snow on the groung and just perfect for skiing. While I have to figure out how to heal my injuries or soon to be injuries.