I didn’t find a cheap Jabra from here but I still think it is a good idea to get one at some point. Instead I ended up having a webcam just to use as a mic. I haven’t actually been using webcams before and not using too much at the moment either because Logitech Quickcam Zoom and its driver and software works well only with OS X 10.1.x-10.2.x and for some reason not with 10.3. I don’t really know why it is like that but I am happy with my USB-microphone with the embedded camera to provide dark image of what ever it is pointed at.

I didn’t even know before that webcams are so difficult and unstandardized that you need a specific driver for each camera respectively. They are a bit like those cheap windows-only USB-printers. I don’t know what to do with the cam because I don’t think Logitech is going to release new drivers for it and even that OS X Webcam project -driver didn’t work too well. But the most important thing is that the microphone works and I can continue with Skype. The camera wasn’t too expensive and it already has saved its price on phone bill.