A few days ago I got an email with a link to local news site with a specific page. The page was about a fire at Studenterhytta – a cabin owned by NTNUI. There had been a party on friday night and while the sauna was being heated there went something wrong and the fire moved from inside the sauna owen to outside. The wall near the owen and the ceiling started to burn and after a while the smell of burning wood reach the party people and they went to see what what wrong. They did everything very well and didn’t let the fire take over control but they took control over the fire. And most propably their achievements prevented the whole cabin to burn down.

And last week was the last week the old sports hall at Gløshaugen campus area was open before renovations. That was the other place I used to go when I wanted to go to sauna. Now I need to figure out new places to perform this nice finnish habit.