Some days ago I experienced something I have been hoping for a few years already. I have always been interested in technology and how things work and some enthusiasm for electric cars. I have closely followed the norwegian electric car Think and its journey on the globe.

While now living in Norway it came clear that if I want to know more about Think I should do it now while here. After contacting the Thinkers I knew one local Think city owner who would show me more about his car.

The tour contained one intensive co-driving and one even more intensive driving session. First just sitting in the car while it was moving was something quite impressing because of the silence. But after accelerating a bit the noise from the tyres started to make the travelling to sound more normal, at least there was some noise.

The first experience behind the wheel and backing up from the parking lot was the ease of movement and the incredible rear view. The visibility through the huge back window all the way down to bumper in the two seater Think explains the view and the ease of movement is the automatic transmission feel-a-like functionality of the engine. And because the engine is runnin only when you want to move somewhere you don’t even need to worry about it. While driving the feeling is like any other car except the regenerative braking functionality. After pressing the brake pedal the car continues to brake by turning the engine into generator and loading up the battery. By slightly touching the gas pedal the regenerative braking feeling is gone and the car just continues with its own speed. It felt like the cars would like to keep its speed when no pedals were used.

I really could think of driving a Think more often.