Jokkerin ventti

Yesterday it was time to give these norwegians a real finnish circuit training. Mostly because there wasn’t anyone else to take responsibility of the training I offered to show the traditional Jokkerin Ventti.

It is originally designed for cross country skiers by a finnish coach Jouko ‘Jokkeri’ Elevaara and it’s been alive since. The one living at Tampere and done by the members of Kepardi is missing one excercise and consist of only 20 different movements.

  1. askelkyykky (2*40s)
  2. vatsalihaksia (2*40s)
  3. haaraperushyppy (2*40s)
  4. selkälihakset (2min)
  5. jalannostohyppely (2*40s)
  6. etunojapunnerrus (2*40s)
  7. kylki/lantio (2min)
  8. päkiähyppy (2*40s)
  9. takanoja, jalat suorina (2*40s)
  10. laskuvarjohyppy (2*40s)
  11. askelkyykky, pitkä/nopea/hyppy (2*40s)
  12. ponnistus polviasennosta (2*40s)
  13. puolilinkkari (2*40s)
  14. AC/DC-hyppy, saksihyppy (2*40s)
  15. takanoja, jalat koukussa (2*40s)
  16. seinäjuoksu (2*40s)
  17. yhden jalan kyykyt (2min)
  18. vartalojännityspunnerrus (2*40s)
  19. kyykkyyn-ylös-hyppy (2*40s)
  20. nopea ja rytmikäs (2min)

I perhaps should try to translate those in english but it is not that easy, maybe later.

in norwegian