Fighting for better email

If there is even one person using email and not struggling with spam I would like to know how that is possible. It just not possible to have usable e-mail address while it will be available for anyone to use it for what ever they want. I am again getting a bit tired of all these worms spreading around the internet just because of some security issues in Windows and the users of that kind of systems.

The new regulation from Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority gives the possibility or actually forces ISP’s to block unwanted SMTP traffic coming from consumers’ computers. The idea is to reduce the amount of spam sent from the malfunctioning Windows’ machines. I think it is good idea in spite of the problems it might cause I think it will reduce even more problems.

Still waiting for the again usable e-mail.

One interesting project I found is an idea of secure and signed messages with an easy way. Turvaposti works possibly just like normal webmail but it has an extra function making it possible to send not the message but an URL containing the message to the recipient. Recipient then opens the URL and uses password provided by the sender using some secure method (SMS, phone).

Might work just great with companies dealing with confidental and important data and sending it out of the organization.