Great at Trondheim

How good is it to live in Trondheim. And until some time it gets getter every day towards summer. At the moment it is possible to ski just outside the city. Only 10 minutes drive and you are at snowfull mountains with a meter of snow at Bymarka. Or if you are not willing to drive then it is possible to walk (20min) or jog (10min) to the nearest cross country ski tracks at Strindamarka. There are nice tracks to ski for two-three hours and if you are planning to ski more then just drive to Bymarka.

And on the other hand there is almost no snow at the nice orienteering terrains down at the city and sea. That makes it especially great to be here. It is possible to go skiing in the morning and then do a nice orienteering training in the afternoon. Great place.


Fighting for better email

If there is even one person using email and not struggling with spam I would like to know how that is possible. It just not possible to have usable e-mail address while it will be available for anyone to use it for what ever they want. I am again getting a bit tired of all these worms spreading around the internet just because of some security issues in Windows and the users of that kind of systems.

The new regulation from Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority gives the possibility or actually forces ISP’s to block unwanted SMTP traffic coming from consumers’ computers. The idea is to reduce the amount of spam sent from the malfunctioning Windows’ machines. I think it is good idea in spite of the problems it might cause I think it will reduce even more problems.

Still waiting for the again usable e-mail.

One interesting project I found is an idea of secure and signed messages with an easy way. Turvaposti works possibly just like normal webmail but it has an extra function making it possible to send not the message but an URL containing the message to the recipient. Recipient then opens the URL and uses password provided by the sender using some secure method (SMS, phone).

Might work just great with companies dealing with confidental and important data and sending it out of the organization.


Norwegian Jokkeri

Now in norwegian

  1. utfall (2*40s)
  2. situps (2*40s)
  3. x-hopp (2*40s)
  4. ryggmuskler (2min)
  5. jentehopp (2*40s)
  6. push up (2*40s)
  7. side/bekken (2min)
  8. fotballehopp (2*40s)
  9. bakstøtte, rette beine (2*40s)
  10. fallskjermhopp (2*40s)
  11. utfall, lang/snart/hopp (2*40s)
  12. utfall m/hopp (2*40s)
  13. situps (skrå) (2*40s)
  14. AC/DC-hopp (2*40s)
  15. bakstøtte, bøyde beine (2*40s)
  16. veggløp (2*40s)
  17. lårbøy (2min)
  18. push ups m/ (2*40s)
  19. spensthopp (2*40s)
  20. snart og rytmisk (2min)

Jokkerin ventti

Yesterday it was time to give these norwegians a real finnish circuit training. Mostly because there wasn’t anyone else to take responsibility of the training I offered to show the traditional Jokkerin Ventti.

It is originally designed for cross country skiers by a finnish coach Jouko ‘Jokkeri’ Elevaara and it’s been alive since. The one living at Tampere and done by the members of Kepardi is missing one excercise and consist of only 20 different movements.

  1. askelkyykky (2*40s)
  2. vatsalihaksia (2*40s)
  3. haaraperushyppy (2*40s)
  4. selkälihakset (2min)
  5. jalannostohyppely (2*40s)
  6. etunojapunnerrus (2*40s)
  7. kylki/lantio (2min)
  8. päkiähyppy (2*40s)
  9. takanoja, jalat suorina (2*40s)
  10. laskuvarjohyppy (2*40s)
  11. askelkyykky, pitkä/nopea/hyppy (2*40s)
  12. ponnistus polviasennosta (2*40s)
  13. puolilinkkari (2*40s)
  14. AC/DC-hyppy, saksihyppy (2*40s)
  15. takanoja, jalat koukussa (2*40s)
  16. seinäjuoksu (2*40s)
  17. yhden jalan kyykyt (2min)
  18. vartalojännityspunnerrus (2*40s)
  19. kyykkyyn-ylös-hyppy (2*40s)
  20. nopea ja rytmikäs (2min)

I perhaps should try to translate those in english but it is not that easy, maybe later.

in norwegian



The Mobile PC magazine published a top 100 list of all the gadgets we have lying around.

It was interesting to find finnish products like Polar HRM or Nokia mobile phones from the list and also some gadgets I don’t even think as gadgets but more like everyday accessories: can opener, compass and maybe some others.

What happened when a Swedish instrument maker named Gunnar Tillander hooked up with Sweden’s most famous orienteer, Bjoern Kjellstroem? They invented the gold standard of compasses, which everyone from Boy Scouts to the military in dozens of countries still rely on.

And the first place goest to something I have been using 10-12 years ago and still sometimes take it out of the closet and use it. It is always nice and fun and enjoyable.

..and this entry was typed using an Apple iBook.


Scenery, landscape, view

While strolling around where ever I go I take my digital camera with me. I just don’t want to end up somewhere where there is something worth shooting and not being able to capture it. And nearly every day when I’m walking down to the university I feel like taking a nice picture of the view over Trondheim. It is just so amazing.

So I thing I will end up having a lot of photos from the same spot and the variation is only in the looks of it. Snow, sun and clouds make the difference at the moment.

It is also amazing what you can see here while skiing around the nearest cross country tracks.



I didn’t find a cheap Jabra from here but I still think it is a good idea to get one at some point. Instead I ended up having a webcam just to use as a mic. I haven’t actually been using webcams before and not using too much at the moment either because Logitech Quickcam Zoom and its driver and software works well only with OS X 10.1.x-10.2.x and for some reason not with 10.3. I don’t really know why it is like that but I am happy with my USB-microphone with the embedded camera to provide dark image of what ever it is pointed at.

I didn’t even know before that webcams are so difficult and unstandardized that you need a specific driver for each camera respectively. They are a bit like those cheap windows-only USB-printers. I don’t know what to do with the cam because I don’t think Logitech is going to release new drivers for it and even that OS X Webcam project -driver didn’t work too well. But the most important thing is that the microphone works and I can continue with Skype. The camera wasn’t too expensive and it already has saved its price on phone bill.


Places at Trondheim

While exploring around and trying to find shopping centers I have found some

City Lade – Coop OBS supermarket

City Syd – a huge shopping area outside the city. If you can’t find it here it doesn’t exist

Byåsen – still to explore

Trondheim Torg – the most visible one

Byhaven – More fashion and expensive things

And more is possible to find from a shopping centre directory


Snow or no snow

During the last week almost all the snow here at town faded away. And that wasn’t even too bad of a thing while it was possible to see a glance of what is expected after the winter is over.

On Friday it started to snow and all the gree grass was the soon covered by nice 20 cm of snow and everything was white again. The timing just wasn’t perfect because last weekend was supposed to be a nice swonless o-training weekend. While the looks was more like ski trip weekend. I think the o-trainings went quite well and there wasn’t too much snow at Fosen.

I also planned a nice ski trip – a real trip – for Sunday but the trainings from previous days and the clouds between myself and the sun turned it to be only a well prepared and equipped training on skis.

And now the weather is just prima. Nice sunny day with a lot white snow on the groung and just perfect for skiing. While I have to figure out how to heal my injuries or soon to be injuries.


Pancake party

I do like pancakes and I also like making pancakes so today I spent an hour with frying pan and ended up having a huge pile of pancakes. The pile is not a problem with all there orienteers living here around and my plan was to go door to door all these orienteering communes and spread joy all over. Tour went well and only with one commune I had some problems because it was the only building with locked front door so I wasn’t able to access the stairway and while I tried the door phone they answered that I have got the wrong address. Better luck next time I guess. All the other 30 or something I was able to reach were really pleased and happy to have a fresh pancake. I will continue with my pancakes and pancake partys.

Lättyjä, lettuja, ohukaisia.


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